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Garda’s designed products continue to receive some of the world’s most distinguished design awards. After receiving the promotional gift, Garda  has now received honourable mention in one of the toughest international design competitions.

The our product is an Aerodynamic sledge, super lightweight, aluminum, designed for 4C. Frame structure with aluminum tubes, 30 mm round profile. crossed and welded in a large section to ensure toughness but at the same time lightness. Blades made of stainless steel AISI 316. Seat in laminated multi-layer thickness 6 mm thick, resistant to low temperatures with carbon textured finish.

Strong characterization and 4C style.

Inspired by the competitions but suitable for all ages. Complete with instruction booklet for use.

Friday, 21 February 2014 00:00

Garda has won the promotional gift 2014

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The jury was unanimous: Our product "Carbon Fibre Series" is excellent and definitely deserves to win a Promotional Gift Award 2014.

The Promotional Gift Award organised by WA Publishing has never had so many prize-winners before: The quality and level of creativity of the 255 submitted entries was so high that 53 products and campaigns ultimately won a Promotional Gift Award 2014, the renowned design and communication prize of the promotional products industry. Pencils that sprout herbs when planted; frying pans that can be imprinted on the inside; ballpoint pens made out of liquor bottle tops; gloves that can be worn when operating telephones; edible World Cup turf and many other creative developments were found to be prize-worthy by a panel of expert judges on December 11 and 12, 2013. A complete list of the winners is posted at

In total 194 promotional products manufacturers and distributors, advertising agencies and designers had entered their innovations from the haptic advertising sector for the competition. The Promotional Gift Award has been organised by the Cologne-based publishing company, WA Publishing, the publishers of eppi magazine, since 2003 and it honours innovative promotional products and campaigns.  The communication prize is awarded in seven categories: In 2014, twelve products were distinguished in the rubric “Give-aways”, 15 in the category “Communicative Products”. There were five award-winners in the “Premium Products & Brand Articles” sector, ten in the rubric “Custom-made Designs”, five in the category “Best Practice”, four in the category “Packaging” and two in the rubric “Customising Technologies”.

The winning products will be presented to a broad audience of marketing experts at the HAPTICA® live ’14 on March 26, 2014 at the Palladium in Cologne, where all 53 prize-winners will be on display in a special exhibition between 10 am and 7 pm.  The prize-giving ceremony of the Promotional Gift Award will also be staged at the HAPTICA® live ‘14.

A detailed report on the Promotional Gift Award 2014 and the award-winners will appear in the coming edition of eppi magazine, No. 97 (February 12, 2014).Garda